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Q3 Scholarship Recipient - Meet Cheyanne!

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Q3 Scholarship Recipient - Meet Cheyanne!

As we close out Q3, we’re excited to introduce Cheyanne. We love the energy Cheyanne brings to classes and her sweet disposition. Cheyanne recently joined our Front Desk team as a workstudy, so you can see her smiling face greeting you for classes on Tuesday nights.

Here’s what Cheyanne has to say about her time as a Scholarship Recipient.

What drew you to Ascendance?

I have been searching the greater Seattle area for a pole studio that had both a strong sense of community as well as diverse class offerings. Ascendance has a ton of different classes, as well as a diverse group of instructors all with different dance backgrounds. One of my goals is to be a well-rounded dancer and Ascendance definitely honors all "genres" of pole from contemporary, to acrobatic/gymnastic to exotic.

Your decision to apply for scholarship and the outcome of it.
I applied for a scholarship because I haven't been able to afford to take the amount of classes I needed to push my abilities to progress. Previously, I had been taking a few classes a month, but for me, this wasn't enough to see improvement in my skillset. The scholarship program was a great opportunity to become apart of a beautiful new studio without financial barriers hindering my progress.

How was your experience in class?
My very first class at Ascendance was a class full of encouraging, fun and silly people. Each student and instructor has been incredibly welcoming and supportive. Its so fun to cheer each other on and celebrate each other's achievements in class.

What are your pole/aerial goals?
Initially I started pole because I needed a new hobby, and quickly fell in love with the empowerment and strength that comes with it. My goals are to continue to gain confidence in my dance, and work on strength and flexibility to get into those crazy inverted split moves someday.

What has been the most challenging to learn?
In general, engagement. For the longest time, I did not understand how to engage my shoulders, and still am working on keeping my core active during training. It really makes all the difference in the world when your whole body is paying attention, and finally that one elusive move just "clicks".

What would be your advice to students who wants to try pole/aerial/dance?
Absolutely do not be afraid, intimidated or self-conscious. Pole and aerial are such empowering sports and really are for any body/ "ability" level. The pole community, especially at Ascendance is full of people who will always cheer you on and lift you up both figuratively, and sometimes literally.

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