Ascendance Pole & Aerial Arts is a nonprofit studio coming soon to the downtown Renton, WA area.

Q3 Scholarship Recipients - Meet Erin!

Next up, we’re excited to re-introduce Erin! Erin is genuine, focused, and inspiring. She’s working on a doubles piece for PSO Northwest and we can’t wait to see her own the stage with her doubles partner.

Here’s what Erin has to say about her time as a Scholarship Recipient.

“Ascendance is my "Happy Place!" I came to the studio looking for a new challenge, and a place to explore my passion for dance. And I did! After my first class, I was hooked and couldn't get enough. The studio has given me a new way of expressing myself, confidence and a sense of community and belonging. As a scholarship recipient, I was able to truly immerse myself into pole technique and explore the many styles each teacher had to offer. A goal I had at the start of my pole journey was to perform and compete. With only 9 months under my Pleaser platforms, I will be competing in a doubles routine at PSO (Pole Sports Organization) this November. This was a goal I had months ago in December and it's finally here. Once I finish the competition I'm sure I will be inspired to set a new goal but for now, I'm to grind till November.

If I had to give someone toying with the idea of taking a pole class advice, I would say "DO IT"! Find a studio that fits your personality and go for it. If you hate it it only cost you a few bucks or nothing if your first class was free. But if you love it, the friends, community, and self-empowerment will last a long time.”