Ascendance Pole & Aerial Arts is a nonprofit studio coming soon to the downtown Renton, WA area.

Q2 Scholarship Recipients - Meet Nettie

Learn more about our net Q2 recipient, Nettie, in our Q&A below!

What drew you to Ascendance?

I have literally been to EVERY aerial/pole studio in western Washington, and even some in Portland. I’ve also literally worked with tons of pole, aerial, and flexibility trainers/instructors over the years. It is my honest opinion, that Ascendance has taken the best instructors throughout the state and assembled them into one studio location. Not only am i confident, through my ongoing training relationships with these individuals, that Ascendance has the best team of qualified instructors...but the studio itself is one of the best designed, as well as being the newest. On top of that, the studio is one of the most affordable, and what little it might cost in excess to some other studios, it makes up for in quality of trainers, class content, environment/atmosphere, and more. Plus, this studio is conveniently located closer to me than any other studio in the state.


Your decision to apply for scholarship and the outcome of it.

I decided to apply for the studio scholarship because of a lack of financial resources. I was the recipient of the spring quarter scholarship. I’m very grateful. I decided to focus my class efforts towards the Lyra and was able to do my first student showcase, which has always been a goal of mine. 

How was your experience in class?

I always enjoy my classes at ascendance. All of the instructors and other studio members/clients are very kind, supportive, and fun to be with. I always learn something new, and always challenged while having a great time.


What are your pole/aerial goals?

After a 2.5 year shoulder injury recovery, I’ve taken a few pole classes to start getting back into pole. But, my focus has been on learning more with the Lyra, becoming more fluid and confident with it, and rebuilding my strength. I look forward to doing more showcases in my future, and want to perform and/or compete (I’ve done neither so before).

What has been the most challenging to learn?

I choose to confront my fears and push past my limitations. I have been working on getting into higher hoops, working on the top bar of the Lyra, and doing things in the span set. I am afraid of heights, spinning, and falling. Sometimes these things trigger my anxiety and it takes me longer to be able to learn these new things. Thankfully, Ascendance has wonderful instructors that make me feel safe even when my anxiety is working against me. After a long injury recovery, it’s also sometimes hard for me to do things that require a lot of rotator cuff strength. I could literally lift ZERO pounds for four months after my injury. Put the two of these challenges together and one very difficult trick I have not been able to attain is the inverted man on the moon. I see many other people get this in the first class they attempt it, so I am sure it’s something I’m going to have to work on mentally. And, that brings up another challenge, remembering that it’s ok to take my time with things. 


What would be your advice to students who wants to try pole/aerial/dance?

Many people do not think they have the strength to do this. I literally had ZERO strength and I am doing it. So can you.

Thanks for sharing, Nettie, and for the kind words! We love having you in class!