Ascendance Pole & Aerial Arts is a nonprofit studio coming soon to the downtown Renton, WA area.

Q2 Scholarship Recipients - Meet Shirley

Get to know Shirley with a Q&A below!

What drew you to Ascendance?
Looking for a place where has professional teacher, nice community, positive people and fun workout. Ascendance is the place with all these criteria that I need! And I was looking to try new things, like Pole fitness, Ariel Yoga, and Lyra. Things that people are curious but never have motivate to try it, and I am now doing it!

Tell us about your decision to apply for scholarship and the outcome of it.
Based on financial need, and also looking for ways to get my skills improve. In financially, this scholarship helps me tons that I do not have the financial stress so I can focus on skill improvement. And as a first enrolled student, I might give up after the first failure of class. The scholarship reminds me the commitment that I have, and instructor keep reminds me that no one success in the first try. In addition, the support and positive energy from all the instructors has make me stronger. And from doing pole fitness has make a big difference, that I start love working out more than I thought, and I am now more toned up than before I used to. The most important thing is I met a group of girls who also love pole fitness as I do, which makes me like working out just much more fun. Not just working out, but achieving the same goal with other girls.

How was your experience in class?
Class within Ascendance is fun and positive. Instructors are all very helpful and professional that not just teaching you skills, but also sharing the safety knowledge, and also leading you to find your own style of dance. I can confidently tell my friends this is the best gym place I've ever had, and I believe everyone will love it once you start here. Instructor advice professionally and team encourage each other for better and harder skills.

What are your pole/aerial goals?
For a long term goal, I would like to be a pole/aerial performer. I would like to share the knowledge and spirit to everyone that pole and aerial is not because I want to be a stripper or to work at a circus. I want to tell everyone I've found my favorite workout! Nothing is impossible unless you have tried it. If you think I am trying for being a stripper, maybe you should try once and you will know it is the whole body fitness and build up in self-confident. And I bet you will love it and get addicted to it!

What has been the most challenging to learn?
Climbing and flow. Climbing is like strength, as I have never work out and do not have any strength at all. It was frustrating to keep failing from climbing, but I never give up, and I can see the difference by time and every time I do it. For flow is more like the confidence and smooth flow of dancing. I have no experience in dance at all, and dance flow is another difficult issue for me. The only thing I could say is, practice make perfect. After doing more class from Ascendance, I am now more confident in dancing. The most important thing is not just improving the dancing skills, but I do enjoy every moment in every class!

What would be your advice to students who wants to try pole/aerial/dance?
Never give up to things that you like! You never know if you never tried or experience it! You will see the difference and I bet you will love it! Come and join us, and I'm sure that you will love this workout and community!

Thank you for sharing your experience with us, Shirley! It’s been wonderful having you in our studio and seeing your growth!