Ascendance Pole & Aerial Arts is a nonprofit studio coming soon to the downtown Renton, WA area.

FAQ - Pole Dancing Classes

I’m new to Pole.  Where should I begin?

Welcome! Our Beginner Pole classes are designed for beginners. These classes are designed to introduce you to the pole and are appropriate for ALL fitness levels (even if you’ve had prior dance/movement experience).  After that, all of our Level 1 classes are designed to compliment and add to what you learned in Beginner Pole, building your inventory of spins while increasing strength.

How do I sign up for classes?

We require preregistration and payment for all classes before you arrive. We have a few easy ways to do that. Check out the Book Your Class page for more details.

What should I wear to a Pole class?

For your first class, wear athletic clothing that you are comfortable moving around in.  We recommend leggings or shorts instead of pants. Please refrain from using lotion on your hands or body before class, as it will prevent you from being able to grip the pole.  All rings should be removed before class, as they can scratch and damage the pole. Kneepads are also recommended for Floorwork/Exotic classes. Exotic classes are best experienced with professional dancer heels.

How long are the classes?

Our classes are 75 minutes long.

Do I need to lose weight/get fit/be more flexible in order to take class?

Not at all!  At Ascendance, we believe that pole dance is for everybody and every body.  We always strive to make our classes accessible and are happy to offer modifications to any tricks if needed.  

Do I need to have dance experience?

No dance experience is necessary for any of our classes.  Our beginner classes start with simple moves and progressions with lots of instruction and repetition to help everyone master each trick.  

Are your classes co-ed?

Yes, all of our classes at Ascendance are co-ed. We welcome everyone into our space!

Do you allow minors in classes?

We allow minors 16+ with parent or guardian permission. Your guardian will need to come in person to sign an additional waiver form. For anyone 16 and under, we’re happy to setup private lessons for you. We will occasionally run youth focused classes or workshops - sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with those announcements.

Do I need to wear heels?

Not at all!  Heels are not for everyone and you will never be required to wear them for our classes.  That being said, you are welcome to bring your heels for most any class if you desire. We recommend professional dancer heels such as Pleasers or Essie, please no street shoes. You will find that our Exotic classes are best experienced by wearing professional dancer heels.

I’ve taken pole before somewhere else.  What class should I take?

Welcome to our studio!  We ask that you take a look at our Class Descriptions page and choose the class that is appropriate for your current level. If you think you’re in L2, L3, or L4, you will need to email us at so that we can lift the pre-requisite hold on your account to enable you to sign up.  

Not sure where you’d place? You can sign up for a lower level class or one of our enrichment classes (such as conditioning or flexibility) and our instructors will be happy to assess you afterwards.  

Is there parking or public transportation?

All of the street parking around our studio is free for two hours before 6pm and then is unlimited all evening.  Planning on staying for multiple classes? We are located two blocks from the Renton Transit Center and their Park and Ride Garage is $1.50 per day.  

I want to practice at home!  Where can I get my own pole?

Great!  We are partnered with Lupit Pole.  To order your own, contact us at  

What can you tell me about your poles?

All of the poles at our studio are 45mm stainless steel poles from Lupit Pole custom made for our space, and are about 14.5 feet tall.  Studio A has 5 poles (one removable for extra space), Studio B has 4 poles. 

Can I take a private class/class with my friends?

Of course!  We love when friends come together and bond over Pole.  We offer private classes, semi-private classes (you and a friend) or group classes.  We can accommodate up to 12 people in a group class. When you’re ready to book, please email and let us know the date and time that would work best for you and what you are looking to learn.  Advanced payment is required to book your reservation.

Can I watch a class?

In order to ensure the comfort of our students, we do not allow observation of any of our classes.  We do welcome everyone to the studio for our open house events where you can choose to participate or watch.  To be invited to our open house and other events, please sign up for our mailing list here*.


FAQ - Aerial Classes

I’ve never taken any aerial classes.  Where should I begin?

Our Level 1 Lyra classes are designed for beginners.  We spend a lot of time building strength and going over movements and poses low to the ground for your safety and comfort.  

What should I wear to class?

Tight fitting athletic wear that cover your torso and legs is best for these classes.  Areas that are not covered can experience chafing/friction burns, so leggings with cutouts are not recommended. Please wear form fitting and stretchy clothes that cover arms, legs, belly, and armpits. Please do not wear tights with feet, jewelry, or clothing with zippers, buttons, or metal that could catch on fabric or scratch our poles.

How long are the classes?

Aerial classes are 75 minutes

Do I need to lose weight/get fit/be more flexible in order to take class?

Not at all!  Our beginner aerial classes are designed to be accessible to all body shapes/sizes and levels of ability.  We start with easy poses and choreography to get you familiar with the apparatus and keep things low to ground for your comfort.  Much of the strength and flexibility needed for advanced aerial classes is specific to aerials and is difficult to achieve in a gym setting.  The best way to do it is to take class!