Ascendance Pole & Aerial Arts is a nonprofit studio coming soon to the downtown Renton, WA area.

Pole Classes*

Pole Orientation

Our Pole Orientation is great for brand new students. This level introduces students to the pole where we will gently warm up, go over basic terminology, safety and techniques, followed by learning a few fun moves. You absolutely do not need any experience - come exactly as you are!

Take this class as many times as you’d like.

Pole L1

This is a beginner level class. After taking Orientation, this is the first level to move into. In Level 1, we focus on two-handed spins, transitions to and from the floor, work on climbing with proper technique, and introduce simple upright poses on the pole.

Prerequisites: Pole Pirouette, Dip Turn, Back Hook Spin

Pole L2

This is an intermediate level class where we master climbing and introduce more ways to climb the pole. You’ll really start to feel like you’re flying as we work on more complicated poses up the pole.  We start invert prep, begin basic inverts, and also work on descending inverts. Spins and transitions become a little more complex as we introduce 1 handed spins and bracket holds.

Prerequisites: Basic Climb, dual side proficiency with two handed spins (i.e. Fireman, Front Hook, Chair Spin), Pull up to sit, Pole Sit variations, Fan Kicks

Pole L3

Level 3 is an Intermediate/Advanced level class. Students will be more comfortable working up the pole and building on their inversions repertoire. More dynamic spins and complicated combinations are seen in this level. We will perform simple combos aerially.  For more advanced students, we introduce the Ayesha.

Prerequisites: Dual sided proficiency with one-handed spins, solid climb and variations of climb (forearm climb, side climb), Upright Bracket/Split Grip Holds, Superman, Basic Inversions -  Crucifix, Outside and Inside Leg Hangs

Pole L4

Level 4 is an Advanced level. This level spends a lot of time upside down! We combine more and more moves aerially, or work on more strength-heavy poses, lifts, and spins. We will perfect those Ayeshas and Handsprings in all grips, and unlock new strengths each week!

Prerequisites: Aerial Inversions (Circus Climbing), Shoulder Mount, Laybacks, Extended Butterfly, Brass Monkey

Pole Level 5

This is our most advanced level. Details coming soon.

Low Flow & Floorwork - All Levels

In this class, we take to the bottom 1/3 of the pole and the floor to explore various sequences and choreography emphasizing connection, sensuality, and fluidity. Students will develop a foundation of dance skills to create their own low-flow/floorwork flows.

Layers are highly recommended: (leg warmers, leggings, socks, knee-pads, top, etc.) Pole heels are highly encouraged as they often factor into choreography, but are not required.
Climbing is not a required skill.

Exotic Pole - All Levels

Unapologetic in nature, this class explores erotic and sensual dance elements designed to provoke and engage your audience, as well as proper movement technique through sequences or choreography. Explore a variety of Exotic dance styles (Western, Russian, Classique), as well as proper engagement and technique in pole heels.

Pole heels (6”+) are required. Heels available for pre-order through the studio.
Layers (knee-pads, leg warmers, or OTK socks) are also required.

Prerequisites: We suggest you have had a few pole classes before taking this class, or prior dance/movement experience.

Pole Choreography - All Levels

Your instructor will provide guided choreography and teach you to string together individual elements to create a short routine. Here, you’ll learn to combine moves into a polished piece, while focusing on musicality and deepening your pole vocabulary. Styles and format will vary by instructor, so be sure to try out a few to find your favorites! Heels and kneepads will often be encouraged, but are never required.

Prerequisites: We suggest you have had a few pole classes before taking this class, or prior dance/movement experience.

Pole Freestyle - All Levels

Let your hair down and dance it out in Pole Freestyle! In this class, your instructor will provide prompts to help you put the dance in Pole Dance. This class will give you the tools and the confidence to start exploring your own movement style. Guided assignments and skills provided by your instructor will help you connect your head with your body, and deepen your pole experience.

Prerequisites: We suggest you have had a few pole classes before taking this class, or prior dance/movement experience.

*Classes are subject to change. Please email for more details.